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Ankara inspired 2|ft.hauwae

Hello lovelies....
This is another ankara inspired makeover, I did on my younger sister favorite muse *side eye* wasn't planned but am happy with the outcome,i hope you get inspired....

My favorite *pishure*

Who tampered *wizza* brow

                            PRODUCTS USED
                         House of tara brow pencil
                         L.A girl pro concealer in toffee

                    Marykay foundation 607&708
                     L.A girl pro concealer in toffee
                         Elf blush palette
                    Sacha buttercup setting  powder
                 Missy Lynn palette*highlighter*
                   Maybelline powder
                   M.a.c prep+prime
                   Becca ever-matte primer
                         Nyx jumbo eye pencil
            BH cosmetics day & night eyeshadow
        Tara eyeshadow Margaret ekpo
        Zaron lengthening mascara
           Zaron black velvet eyeliner
               Voan lashes #20

              Zaron lip liner in claypot
              L.A girl lipstick

I love reading your comments..
Thanks for reading.


  1. Your work is stunning, absolutely fabulous

  2. Kudos to the make up stylish and the model

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Good Initiative, I wish you all successes in this endeavour.

  5. Linda Ikeji, Bella Nija etc all started like this, but are now big business names and entities, so shall Halymssignature be In sha Allah.


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