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Glitter | ft hauwa

Hi guys

Am so excited to share this look with you,just because I love glitters and the person I used it on *side eye*.

I used eedas glitter for this look...

                      Products used

              Davis eyebrow pencil
L.A girl pro concealer in toffee

Eedas atelier glitter in lami and mamza (mixed both)
House of tara eyeshadow Margaret ekpo
Milani liquid eye liner
Red cherry lashes #132
Zaron lash glue
Nyx jumbo eye pencil

Mary kay foundation 607
Mary kay foundation 718(contour)
LA girl pro concealer in toffee  (highlight)
Missy Lynn eyeshadow palette(highlighter)
Ruby kisses 3D contour artist powder
Nyx dewy finish setting spray

Color pop ultra matte in mars
M.a.c lip liner in beetroot
Nyx jumbo eye pencil
Clear lip gloss

That's it guys....thanks for coming here.

Please drop your comments.

Diy|Cleaning fake eyelashes

Hello everyone

Today's tutorial is on how to clean your fake pretty easy.

Makeup remover or rubbing alcohol/Methylated spirit
Cotton swabs

1.First of all you will pour water just enough to soak your dirty fake eyelashes in a container.
2.let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes.
3.Remove from water and gentle use your Tweezer or fingertips to pull the already soft glue.
4.spray your cotton swab with makeup remover or rubbing alcohol/Methylated spirit.
5.Gently rub till all the dirt is removed.

That's just it guys....easy peasy😄clean and dis infected fake eyelashes
      Thanks for reading and please drop your comments.

Say goodbye to smelly armpits

Hello beautiful people..

Hope you are having a great weekend??

       So today's post is about sweaty,smelly armpit*grin*....this is one of the best things I have discovered lol.Oh did I mention that it is soo cheap,with just 50naira you can get rid of those bad smells.
      All you need to do is,buy some ALUM,grind then into fine powder and store in a clean container.Dab a little in your underarm with clean powder puff after taking your bath,while it is still wet and that's it *smiles* it lasts all day its a win win!

Thanks for reading
Have a lovely day *hugs and kisses *

Eid al fitr|ft Ameera

Hey guys
Hope you are doing great??

Late eid post*coversface*
Yeah Yeah,I know it's long overdue but I just had to share.This is an eid inspired simple makeup,I didn't use any eyeshadow,no cream
contour and highlight,just a simple makeover for my baby sister😊.

PRODUCTS USED  BROWS  House of tara brow pencil  L.A girl pro concealer in fawn EYES  Zaron lengthening mascara  Zaron black velvet eyeliner FACE   Ruby kisses 3D contour artist powder  Missy Lynn eyeshadow palette   Jordana foundation  Sacha buttercup setting powder  Elf blush 
 LIPS  Zaron lip liner in claypot  Lip gloss 
That's it guys.....have fun recreating this simple look. Thank you and please don't forget to comment.

Ruby kisses 3D contour artist powder & milani eye tech extreme liquid eyeliner|SWATCHES

Hi everyone

Recently,i came across the ruby kisses 3D contour artist powder palette on girly essentials instagram page.Before then,I have never heard or seen it anywhere immediately I saw it I fell in love with the color shades,I rushed to their page and I was blown away by how affordable it is for that much product.
I got the shade in medium dark

  Here are the swatches

Swatches for the milani eye tech extreme liquid eye liner

With brands racing against each other to deliver amazing products we are literally spoilt for choices.I can't wait to use them,i just hope I don't get disappointed! 

Thanks for reading.... Please drop your comments.

Review|Zaron lash glue

Hi guys
Sorry i have been MIA....not my fault been super today's post is going to be about ZARON LASH GLUE that I bought.This is my honest review
 First of all using the wrong adhesive ,can make your false lashes to loosen or even fall off at a very embarrassing and inconvenient time!so get yourself a good lash glue, to avoid embarrassment.

                              Pros This lash glue is the best I have used so far.. And it is pocket friendly*winks* It comes in a white bottle and it dries clear  The applicator is beginners friendly too,so you won't create a mess                                Cons None
I got mine from girly essential,you can check them out on ig or you can visit their website
Thanks for reading and remember to always drop your comments.

Skin care|instant soft skin (diy)

Body scrub......
Dark knuckles? Rough skin? Then this post is for you*smiles*i use this scrub mostly for my hands and feet,but you can go ahead and use it all over your body.Its super easy and affordable.

Use it on a slightly wet skin twice a week
                          YOU WILL NEED
                        Sugar 3 tablespoons
                         Coconut oil 2 teaspoons
                  Lemon or lime juice 2 teaspoons
                         Honey 2 teaspoons

Mix it all up

YAY!!! The moon has been sighted

No more makeover Posts till ramadan is over cos am going to get super busy......

Wishing you and your family the blessings of the month of ramadan

May Allah accept our prayers(Ameen)
Thank you!

FACE BEAT |ft bunmi

Skin like butter......
Today's look is on my beautiful model bunmi,my yoruba sister*lol* sister from another mother......
                         House of tara brow pencil
                         L.A girl pro concealer in fawn

                    Marykay foundation 507&607
                     L.A girl pro concealer in pure beige
                         Elf blush palette
                    Sacha buttercup setting  powder
                 Missy Lynn palette*highlighter*
                   Maybelline powder
                   Nyx setting spray
                   Becca ever-matte primer                    Milani powder

                         Nyx jumbo eye pencil
            BH cosmetics day & night eyeshadow
        Tara eyeshadow Margaret ekpo
        Zaron lengthening mascara
           Zaron black velvet eyeliner
               Voan lashes #15             Zaron lash glue         Sleek eyeshadow palette 
          Eye …

SKIN CARE|secret to glowing skin

Flawless skin......

                      YOU WILL NEED
turmeric powder 
Rice flour
Gram flour

Yes I know, most of us have these ingredients in our kitchen,especially my fellow northern sisters....we are beauty obsessed *side eye* and we love it*covers face*.Mix all of the above ingredients in a bowl

Slather it all over your face and neck.
Leave for 15 to 20 minutes
Wash off
Apply your moisturizer
Use two times a week

This mask will brighten your skin
Get rid of acne, dark spots,sunburn, hyperpigmentation.....

I love reading your comments
Thank you